Geography Quizzes,Multiple Choice Questions

Geography quizzes on this section consist of all quizzes related to world geography. In This sector, kids, students, and those who want to be updated about the geography of the world will be able to learn about world geography by taking part in multiple choice questions , quiz questions on several topics on geography. This section on quizzes also provides great opportunity for students to test or evaluate their knowledge on various topics on geography. Teachers can as well send students on this section for them to test their knowledge about what has been thought in class on the geography of the world.

These quizzes are programmed in such a way that the students can view the correct answers after they must have selected the wrong ones. This makes the Geography questions and answer online session to be easier and very educating in the process.

Geography quizzes Topics

One of the sections included in this segment of Geography learning quizzes is famous landmarks of the world.  This quizzes on famous land marks will involve Geography topics such as Acropolis, the Alamo, Angkor wat, berlin wall, colosseum, Eiffel tower, Ellis island, empire state building, Golden gate, grand canyon, great wall of china, learning tower of Pisa, Lincoln memorial, louvre, Machu picchu, mount Rushmore national memorial, pyramids of Egypt, Red square and kremlin, sphinx, statue of liberty, Stonehenge, Taj mahal, Washington monument, white house, and yellow stone national park.


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