The Sonoran desert facts worksheet pdf

The Sonoran desert facts printable worksheet pdf

The Sonoran desert facts consist of questions and answers through a worksheet which consists of important facts about this desert. This Sonoran geography desert worksheet is suitable for teachers, students, and kids of fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade, and  eighth grade, and middle school and high school as well. It consists of quick learning about the Sonoran desert to all geographers and those who want to learn quick facts about the Sonoran desert.  This worksheet answers questions such as where is the Sonoran desert located, What’s the surface area of the Sonoran desert, From which language does the desert take its name, from which term does the desert’s name come from, How many percents of Arizona’s land area does the Sonoran desert occupy, How many percent of Arizona’s population lives in the Sonoran desert area, and more.  Click on the image above to download the pdf worksheet on the Sonoran desert facts.